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"She is always over-responsive and always delivers above and beyond. I’ve had a few different companies do this for me and this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed it instead of dreading talking to or dealing with them.”

- Patrick Bridges

Bridges Auto Detailing

Middle River, MD

Hi! I'm Taryn!

I'm a multi-tasking master and former teacher (read: recovering teacher), gone full-time business owner!

It certainly feels good being able to help my clients grow their business. Plus, maintaining the day-to-day flexibility to always ensure my family is top priority helps me come closer each day to that thing they call "work-life balance". My hope is that by working together, I can help you regain some of that balance, too, saving more time for the things (and people) that matter most.

I'm "MOMMY" to the sweetest 4 year old boy, "AMOR" to my Brazilian husband and proud "CEO" of my boutique marketing agency.

I'm a life-long teacher, regardless of whether I'm in the classroom or not. I believe that a big part of what makes my services unique is my ability to be client-facing to help teach my clients how they can take small pieces of marketing and sales in their hands to improve their customer relationships and in turn, increase their revenue.

You could say it's a done-for-you model, with a hint of "done-with-you" if you wish.

I look forward to learning how my business can be of service to yours and how together, we can help you hit your goals.

Who Our Clients Are

We work with service-based and brick & mortar businesses and organizations who are looking to reach their clients in a localized area. We create a custom & comprehensive ads strategy that combines the power of search engines, social media & computer automations. This allows the business owner to stay in their zone-of-genius while we work our magic!

How We Achieve Your Results

Pay Per Click Google Ads

Reach people who are already actively searching for your service or product on Google. By utilizing search engine advertising, you will get in front of those already 'hot' leads. Let us find them and bring them to you!


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Harness the power of social media by meeting your clients where they already are. We help your get noticed on Facebook and Instagram with strategic interest based and activity-based targeting.


Web Visitor Tracking & Analytics

It's so important to know who is visiting your website, along with trends & sources of your visitors. Even if you're not running paid advertising, all business owners should have tracking installed on their sites and landing pages. It can help you make important business decisions like where your buyers are coming from. Let's get you set up.

Effortless Automations

Many business owner we speak with are overwhelmed with day-to-day business operations. And that's not even the time serving their customers. Many of things can actually be fully automated, and will even improve lead and customer engagement. We can save you time by putting systems in place designed specifically for that.

"A pleasure to work with, great communication and works with you to define & further refine a strategy that works for your desired outcomes."

- Brian H.

Clutterbugit Deep Cleaning Services

Brockton, MA

Our Packages

DFY Ads Management

This is as hands-off as it can get. You focus on your zone-of-genius, while I focus on bringing you leads and implementing a customized strategy designed just for you. Here, we take full advantage of the full funnel from cold traffic to hot traffic, using tried-and-true methods to warm up your ideal clients to the point where they are ready to further engage with you.

CRM Solutions

Are you in need of better systems for client management? FortePro may be exactly what you need. With endless possibilities, let us set up a customized solution with our powerful CRM platform. The goal is to help make your time more efficient partially by allowing computer automations manage mundane repetitive tasks that you simply don't need to spend your time doing. But that's just where we start. The possibilities are endless. Set up a call to learn more!

Custom VIP Days

Not able to invest in on-going done-for-you management but looking to ensure it's all set up properly from the get-go? Hire us for the day, and we will build out and implement a custom strategy designed specifically for YOU. Along with VIP days, you can choose to purchase ongoing consulting packages, where the investment is less while you're confident your campaigns & accounts are in continually being monitored and working for you.

Clients Saying Nice Things

“I could not be happier with Taryn & Fortissimo Ad Strategy. I found her on an auto detailing Facebook page talking about marketing and she was the only one that made sense. She makes you feel like you actually matter to her business. She is always over-responsive and always delivers above and beyond. If I message Taryn, I know she’s getting back to me no matter what she has going on. She checks up on me and keeps me in the loop of any changes that can be made. I’ve had a few different companies do this for me and this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed it instead of dreading talking/dealing with them.”

-Patrick Bridges

Bridges Auto Detailing

Taryn is absolutely the best! She's responsive, and always looking out for the newest trends and technology so her clients are up to date with with latest in running ads. It's super refreshing to work with someone that is willing to go into as much detail about her methods as you like, or she'll take care of it all. Whatever you're most comfortable with. She's super easy to work with and if you're in the detailing industry, she KNOWS her stuff there too, so you don't end up having to waste time explaining terms and processes. We LOVE working with her and look forward to continuing to have her part of our "Team" for the years to come.

-Rebekah T.

Carisma Detailing

Taryn is a strategic genius! Running ads is not as simple as throwing one up, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. Facebook Ads are a tool found in many marketers' toolbox; but without a solid strategy and clear idea of the client's business goals and customer journey, it is a tool that can be as frustrating to use as a screwdriver to hammer a nail. Strategy is key, and Fortissimo's strength is taking the time to develop a custom blueprint that will increase your bottom line + lay the foundation for a sustainable and predictable flow of leads. I consider Taryn and team to be a valuable asset to my business. You guys are rockstars!

-Melissa M.

Medior Media

Taryn is wonderful to work with! She is super helpful and takes the time to explain. It has been a pleasure having her teach me the business side of things to help my husband's business.


Bridges Detailing

Taryn is a pleasure to work with, great at communication and works with you to define and further refine a strategy that works for your desired outcomes.

-Brian H

Clutterbugit Deep Cleaning

Taryn is amazing!! Extremely knowledgeable about implementing strategies that are proven successful. Great attitude extremely, attentive & asks questions to understand current needs and efficiently comes up with a winning strategy. Also the platform she uses (FortePro) is so versatile and easy to use. Highly recommend to any and all businesses both small and large.


Professional Detailing Service

Yesterday I had a great video chat with Taryn. She is so nice and doesn't make you feel dumb for not knowing how to do this. She helped me get my website domain purchased and showed me how to pick a website builder to build and launch a successful site. She was greaat with showing me on her screen how to go about doing this, which is the way I learn best! If you're unsure of what steps to take to start your internet adventures book a session now!

-Melinda G.

Find Your Shine Detailing

Finally, the all-in-one solution you've been dreaming of, specifically designed to automate the most common elements of your business so you can leave more time for serving your customers.

We've partnered with one of the best in business software development, to bring you most powerful all-in-one tool CRM tool (and MUCH more if we're being honest) that you've ever seen!

Finally, you can ditch all of those expensive platforms for each element of running your business, like SMS, web chat, email marketing, landing pages, and more.

Finally, it's an all-in-one solution, and we just keep adding more!

Click here to check out FortePro, complete with a mobile app, so you can step away with confidence and still run your business on the go.

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